Would you like to help shape the development of a game?

We are looking for alpha testers to provide feedback on our first game, Microbes: Hide and Seek. It is currently in an alpha stage of development, which means it is not complete and is at a very exciting stage where you can see considerable progress being made every update.

We need eagle-eyed people to spot bugs (ahem, unexpected features...!), feed back any comments about usability, performance, design and so on.

In return, you will get the game completely free, and you will have the opportunity not only to see development in progress, but to be a part of the fun!

Alpha testing isn't for everyone - there may be broken releases and things that just don't look right. Of course, our quality control team is working hard to squish any of these bugs before they make it live, but we only have access to a very limited range of hardware, so your input is really helpful and important.

The game is only for Android (versions 4.0 or later) at present: sorry iOS users! We are developing it with the intention to be able to release on iOS in the future, so feel free to pester me if this is something you're completely desperate for. Maybe you could help out? 🙂


Please use the form below to sign up! You need to provide the gmail address(es) you use on your device(s), and we will get back to you with a link to get the game and begin testing. Please be patient, this can take 24-36 hours due to a delay in Google's servers when we add you to the alpha testing list.