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    Ongoing changelog prior to release of alpha version 113

    • Camera auto-levelling
    • Look mode now requires greater movement and time of press to enter – Question for playtesting: is this sufficient or does it need further tweaking?
    • Tutorial added
    • Splash screen to communicate major changes to testers in-game
    • Win screen after each level
    • Added proxy objects: toy box opens when you click on body as well as lid now
    • UI fixes for multiple resolutions/ratios up to 1080p
    • Main menu character selection fixes for all resolutions
    • Fixed no-move bug on first play (if you didn’t change character)
    • Fixed clicking on wardrobe sends player onto bed to open it
    • Fixed clipping with plate on kitchen level
    • Fixed bug where character wouldn’t appear
    • Fixed multiple bacteria collection bug
    • Added pulse to score display to highlight how many are left to find

    New for alpha version 114:

    • Card viewing screen – extra information/educational content
    • On game start, all loading is done before the player can press continue to get into menu (Quality of Life change)
    • Build version shown in top right of screen: please quote this number in your feedback!
    • New HootingBananaStudios splash screen sound (\m/)
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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