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    Tutorial: short tutorial to initiate players about movement and interaction system.

    Bacteria info scene: view your currently unlocked bacteria cards, find out more information about them. Include info about basic microbiology with links to more detailed info for older kids and adults.

    Unlock progression system – in progress. Levels and bacteria will be unlockable to promote progression. Currently everything is unlocked.

    UI enhancements: camera to auto-level after looking around and on move. Increase timer and distance required for UI to go into look mode (make it easier to click to move for little fingers)

    New Sounds:

  • Boy and girl voice sounds
  • Player selection card swoosh
  • Hinge, drawer, crockery + pan sound effects
  • water drips
  • More levels – Bathroom, Dining room, Classroom, Garden

    More Bacteria – plenty to choose from!


Also urgently before next release: UI fix for card selection screen at different aspect ratios

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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